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Why we take time

Remember when you learned to drive? The brain development which needs to happen for meaningful changes in behaviour can take around three months.

Highland cowsBy taking time, desired changes will ‘stick’ and become good habits. Giving your team personal responsibility for identifying development areas and encouraging regular practise of our techniques ensures BOOST is a success.

Highland cowIn your training you learn techniques and knowledge which will make you happier. Why do we feel it is important for people to be happier? Because a growing body of research shows happiness correlates strongly with your performance; dynamic leadership, better health, improved attendance, enhanced creativity, improved staff retention, higher confidence, strong resilience, effective team development... the list goes on. Each year new research adds to the list of benefits you can gain.

But just knowing some techniques doesn't ensure desired changes happen. So in BOOST training we always include action planning and helping people understand how to form good habits at work.

For you, positive changes in behaviour are the true measure of success. In other words you will see and hear people behaving differently.



Give your Team a BOOST

'Off the shelf' team training seldom delivers sustainable benefits because each team is different. So we can't say what your BOOST programme will be. All we do know is that it will deliver real benefits

This case study, based on how we worked with one organisation, gives you a flavour of how you will benefit from our team development training

Initial meeting

We ask you a selection of open questions to get an overview of the known training needs and to set a context for your team development

Diagnostic tool

Using this information along with knowledge of what delivers well-being and performance in the workplace we create a survey document. You ask team members to complete and return the survey direct to us in complete confidentiality. We analyse the results looking for themes and 'hot spots'

Diagnostic visit

You and your team meet us in a series of one to one discussions. This builds rapport and creates curiosity and motivation about the learning
We facilitate group discussions about well-being and performance at work
Individuals commit to practise some simple techniques to enhance well-being
As a bonus, we show you how to live longer in five minutes a day

First workshop - to ensure people take responsibility for their own performance

You learn a variety of techniques to increase positive feelings because when people feel good, they work well
You learn what happens in the brain when we are anxious and how to use stress positively
You build confidence and optimism and learn resilience techniques for when things go wrong You practise how to focus and take control of your lives and we show how good habits are formed and bad ones broken. We show you how to identify and play to your strengths
You each commit to actions for improvement based on what you have learned

Second workshop - to practise working better together as a team and with others

Each person learns their own personal style and that of others. You practise a variety of ways to build stronger relationships and how to communicate positively and effectively
You explore giving feedback and challenging negative behaviour and you learn how to reduce the social threats to team success
You discover the secret to learning effectively and no, it’s not learning styles
You work on trust and risk issues and of course you finish with action planning

Third workshop - the team creates a self-sustaining plan for continuous development

You learn the three essentials of motivation and how to achieve them at work
You work on creating engagement and learn how to sustain it
You explore ways to ensure your meetings are positive and fruitful
You undertsand the science behind why time flies past when you do your best work
We help you create an action plan for your continuing development towards a positive future