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How we work

We follow a simple and effective four step process:

1) Diagnose

2) Design a solution

3) Implement

4) Review

We analyse your training and development needs and create a sense of curiosity and engagement in the team.

We carefully select techniques to exactly meet your requirements.

We create and deliver lively, interactive workshops. These are practical, action focused and help people quickly embed changes and deliver results.


We appreciate that every organisation is different. We are too. So we want to come for a chat to build rapport and offer you some examples of the work we do.

If you like the sound of BOOST we can explore your own situation and discuss options.

Of course you can tell us a lot of useful information about your team. You may have the results of 'engagement surveys' and the like which we can use. And we like to supplement these with a range of our own confidential diagnostic tools with the aim of understanding your specific team development needs. We also like to speak to as many of the team as we can, face to face, where we can gather information at a deeper level. Our experience shows people love being involved in this way. They relish the chance to develop their own training and so they engage from day one. This multi-layered approach gives us a wealth of information to design a training programme which will achieve maximum impact.

We can offer various options to ensure the BOOST training programme meets your needs: